individual lessons:

Language coaching for managers with tight schedules
including tailor-made exercises via e-mail or in a webinar
which can be done at hotel rooms
... according to your wishes, e.g. every day, three days per week and (upon request): intensive homework and autodidactic work with supervision and guidance)

Call us and ask us 49 (0)531-77022

special 'Business German': various levels and special courses
(banking, legal English, negotiating etc.)


group courses:

Participants are grouped
according to level of language skills (according to CEFR, details see below), learner types, special wishes regarding contents.

standard courses once a week / small groups (4 to 10):

  • beginners (approx. CEFR level A/B): communicative competence + grammar: Mondays 4 - 6.30 p.m.
  • intermediate (approx. CEFR level B/C): communicative competence + grammar: Fridays 4 - 6.30 p.m.
  • advanced (approx. CEFR level C/D): communicative competence + grammar, schedule upon request


special courses:

  • beginners 'fast track communicative competence, no grammar tuition' (approx. CEFR level A), schedule upon request;
  • intermediate level: intensive grammar tuition (approx. CEFR level B/C), schedule upon request
  • groups with a particular focus regarding contents (e.g. automotive, banking, selling etc.)